The 19th Annual "Goose on the Lake" Music Festival to take place June 6 & & in Allegre KY

"New types of Memories for Everyone!"

What began in 1996 as a small private concert for diehard fans of the legendary rock group, GOOSE CREEK SYMPHONY, has developed into a yearly "reunion" for folks that have a certain way of living and a certain taste in music. The Goose on the Lake Music Festival after fourteen years has never been, nor ever will be, a huge gathering of thirty bands on multiple stages jammed into a short weekend. What makes this amazing festival so special is the light crowd, the carefully selected music acts, and the overall magic that you feel when driving onto the farm of Lloyd and Donna Settle. Hidden deep in the country an hour north of Nashville is the small rural community of Allegre. Each year Allegre is visited by a growing number of folks who love their music and love their Earth. The fans in attendance each year, in addition to the music, is what truly makes Goose on the Lake such a unique concert/festival experience.

Black Oak Arkansas, rock queen Wanda Jackson, Justin Townes Earle, Joy Lynn White, Todd Snider, Webb Wilder, Barefoot Jerry, the Farewell Drifters, Paul Burch, and Bonepony are just a few of the acts that have treated our audience to some incredible live music in the last eighteen years.

" Most festivals are pleasant distractions from our normal life, opportunities to check out multiple bands, get a little loaded, dance some and then depart with a commemorative t-shirt. But some fests are experiences that strike to the core of us, reminding us what's good about human beings, especially creative ones that make the air vibrate with song. Goose on the Lake offered two days where kindness and happiness reigned and our better angels winged carefree and delighted. " - Dennis Cook, JAMBASE

This is a unique celebration of life and likenesses that you won't experience at any other concert. We say it every year and we'll say it again. This show is unlike any other you'll attend. No sponsors, No fancy light shows, No gimmicks, No aggressive security guards, No bullshit..... Goose on the Lake is truly an authentic step back in time to the days and outdoor concerts of the 1960's.

Goose on the Lake reminds one of why they fell in love with music and the outdoors to begin with. We invite you to be a part of our family reunion far away from stress of everyday city life. Deep in the heart of ol' Kentucky you'll find Allegre and the Goose on the Lake Music Festival. And, you'll never forget the memories you'll take away.

Goose Creek Symphony unfortunately had to cancel their appearance for the first time since the show's beginning. While their spirit will live on during this year's show we understand that things may not be the same for some of you. However, it will still be our family reunion and many new memories will be made for those who choose to attend. We welcome you once again to our little place in the country that is just as much ours as it is yours for this very magical weekend.

Ya'll come.





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